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Abrasives are the amongst the extremely useful materials used in grinding, polishing, lapping, honing, pressure blasting, finishing, and sanding applications in industrial/residential purposes. They help shape work pieces as per the specifications for applications in automotive refinishing, marine, woodworking, construction, and military industries among others. Several kinds of abrasives are available that immensely contribute to produce highly precise and smooth parts as demanded in several industries and commercial sectors. With the requirement of abrasive products gaining momentum every year, we at JPC Catalog, strive to keep a rich inventory of several types of abrasives at best prices. Best buy abrasives online that are powerful, precise and user-friendly and also made to outlast and outperform. Our range of abrasive products work best even in the most complex and challenging applications.

Shop Abrasive Products and Accessories at JPC Catalog

Explore the wide range of product categories and make a right purchase that suits your metal/wood working projects, among others. We have simple abrasive products to sophisticated industrial abrasives to choose from to shape and surface-finish your materials. With an unmatched delivery system, we assure delivering the following abrasive products of top rated brands on time every time!

  • Bonded Abrasives: When your requirements call for cutting to rough and high precision grinding and sharpening, then shop for the right type of bonded abrasive online from JPC Catalog. This abrasive type, which is a combination of abrasive grains, fillers and bonding materials, is mostly available in the shape of wheels. Manufactured in a wide range of sizes and specifications, these industrial abrasives precisely cut-off or grind the work piece to required specifications.
  • Coated Abrasives: Mainly used for sanding processes, these abrasive products are manufactured with loose abrasive grains bonded to a backing (such as cloth, paper, vulcanized fiber or a combination of these). These types of abrasives are available in sheets, rolls, discs and belts to meet the application requirements of our customers. They are used for grinding, dimensioning, cleaning, polishing and finishing operations. At JPC Catalog, we offer the widest range of coated abrasives that are compatible on metal, stone, or wood among others.
  • Non-Woven Abrasives: Best buy these kinds of industrial abrasives for applications demanding satin finishing, cleaning or light deburring. These waterproof, washable and resilient abrasives are compatible with aluminum, brass, copper, nickel, chrome plate, stainless steel and titanium, ceramic, glass and plastic, among others. Explore the widest models we offer and purchase the most suitable solution that assures consistent surface finish, cool cut technology, and optimum conformance to the work piece surface.
  • Wire Brush Abrasives: Shop online at JPC Catalog for the widest ranges including end brushes, disc brushes, strip brushes, tube brushes, hand brushes, wheel brushes, and knotted wire cup brushes to support various metal finishing tasks. These range of abrasive nylon wheel brushes are safe, non-reactive are safe to use for cleaning and deburring metal surfaces. Purchase the item from JPC catalog and get the right wire brush abrasives at a discounted prices.

Applications of Industrial Abrasives

If you are looking to buy abrasives online, you can end your search right here. You can choose from abrasives such as rubbing bricks, dressing sticks, abrasive test kits, disc backup pads, diamond abrasives, flap discs and mops, sandpaper rolls and sheets, abrasive sharpening stones and several more! A few amongst the several applications they are put to use to finish/grind/smoothen parts include:

  • Control cables in bicycle brakes
  • Shower hoses, armored cables
  • Tungsten wire electrodes for lamp bulbs
  • Tubing for extendable telescopic aerials
  • Piston rings
  • Ferrite rods for magnets
  • Spark plug electrodes
  • Trigger components for firearms
  • Precious tubes in solar panels, soldering irons

Whatever is your requirement for abrasives are, they are rightly met here at JPC Catalog. With a 100% genuine product guarantee and an easy return policy, we make your online purchase safe, easy and transparent. Buy abrasives online at JPC Catalog that come at the best prices. We also assure seamless online shopping experience. Talk to an expert here at JPC Catalog and make an informed decision that can positively impact your business!

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