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Hand Tools

There are a variety of hand tools available in the market for various industrial and domestic applications, and you can buy hand tools online as well. JPC Catalog has a huge variety of brands of hand tools online which are useful in homes as well industries. However, before you check out on a hand tools online store, it is essential to know your requirements based on the tasks. JPC Catalog is a well-known supplier of industrial bulk and wholesale hand tools, and we source products from some of the best manufacturers and brands in the market such as Stanley, Anchor, Phillips, Lufkin, and more.

Buy Industrial Hand Tools Online At JPC Catalog

Hand tools are specifically designed for domestic and industrial uses, however, some tools could have common uses though. Here are some categories available at JPC Catalog:

  1. Reaming and Deburring Tools: These industrial hand tools are specially designed for smooth cutting of metals. Some of these include reamer and deburring tools, a swiver head deburring tool with two blades, conduit and locknut reaming pliers, reaming screwdrivers, and more. They are handy and easy to carry in your pockets. Their application varies with the type of blade and shape. Usually, deburring tools are equipped with a handle that offers a good grip.
  2. Clamps and Vises: A clamp is a portable tool used to hold together a variety of items, while vises are equipped with a set of jaws that help hold a material in a certain position. Some types of clamps and vises include C-clamps, metal clamps, tri-stand chain, and quick grip forged vises.
  3. Hammers, Sledges, Mallets, and Axes: Tools such as hammers are useful in homes as well as industries. A few types of hammers at JPC include chipping hammers and cone and chisel head hammers with a steel handle. Sledge hammers have large and flat metal heads and can be used with superior force. Mallets are hammers made of rubber or wood and are useful for deep diving applications in wood. Axes are used cut or split wood and give it a certain shape.
  4. Handsaws and Sets: Handsaws are used to cut relatively softer materials such as wood or plastic. They enable accurate cutting and are used in home improvement projects as well as workshops. Types of handsaws available at JPC include coping saws and blades, compass saws, and hacksaw blades.
  5. Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers: A screwdriver is the most common tool that should be handy in homes, offices as well as industries. Screwdrivers and nut drivers are used to fix, loosen, or tighten nuts, bolts, screws and grips. A screwdriver set with a variety of sizes and heads is a must-have kit in all homes and offices. At JPC, they are available with various heads, sizes, and grips.

Hand Tools Home Categories

The hand tools online store of JPC Catalog has plenty of home tools that may or may not have industrial use in case you want to buy hand tools online. Other Top Hand Tools at JPC Catalog include

  • Putty scrapers
  • Screwdrivers
  • Lawn and garden tools
  • Sockets and adaptors
  • Scissors
  • Staplers
  • Knives
  • Multipurpose tools

So, all in all, if you are looking to buy hand tools online, Janeice Products facilitates your decision making by offering technical assistance when you buy hand tools online, whether for home or industrial use. We enable our clients across the globe to avail from high-quality products at best prices, especially on bulk and wholesale hand tools purchases depending on the application. You can choose from our hand tools online store, a wide variety of brands with specific features to suit your requirements. To buy some of the best hand tools online from top hand tools brands, log on to our website.

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